Our internet stock is listed on three sites-Amazon, Alibris and ABEBooks.com. While our books can be purchased on any of these sites, it is easiest to browse our stock on ABE.

Click here to search our stock.

This stock is stored either in our basement or in other buildings, so we can not guarantee that these titles are available for walk in orders. We advise that you either phone or email us in advance if you want to pick up an internet title at the store. Please have our book inventory number or the title, author and price. We can pull these titles without any advance notice as long as there are extra employees available.

If you search our stock, you will see a screen like this:



In the example above, I am doing a search for any items we have that are written by Stephen King. You can also search by title, ISBN, or Keywords. Searches can be refined by adding publisher and publication dates. After searching, you will see a screen like the one below:

Clicking on any individual title brings up this screen:


Please note the two items I have circled in red. At the top of the screen, it will show that Tacoma Book Center is the bookseller for this item. If we are not listed as the bookseller, it is not our listing, and you have wandered out of our listings and into the general ABE listings which include over 10,000 different sellers. I have also circled our book inventory number which is at the end of the book description. Providing this number will make it much easier for us to find the book for you in our warehouse. We can help you even without the inventory number, but it will speed things up.